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Good Grief.


People should learn how to respect other’s privacy.

I know the 2PM fans are like, wanting Jay to come back blablabla.

But seriously. YOU fans are giving him a harder time. I bet if you just left him the way he is now, he might get over this whole drama and come back. By making this things sooooo blown up, what makes you think that he’d come back because you girls/guys are showing support to his come back?

I think he did it for the best of interest. And 2PM’s remaining members, you think they aren’t having a hard time without Jay around? FYI, Jay’s the leader, it’s just a matter of choosing a new leader amongst the remaining members, if adding a new member seems “unfit” for all of you. I think the 2PM members really need your support for their upcoming schedules, performances, etc.

It’s a matter of time. Yes, i know you love Jay, etc. I am a fan myself, and i don’t understand why you guys/girls are doing these stuff.

Put yourself in his shoes. If you were Jay, how would you feel in this kind of situation?

Look here


Yes, LOOK here 😀


is. where. you. get. the. juicy. details. about. the. next. bb. meet.

And and, videos ~

Updates too! on bb 😀

Ciao ~

Hello world.


My life sucks. >_>

Anyways, lets do a simple introduction.

I’m new here, as per usual. My name is Adrienne. (:

I’m part of the project meet & greet on the bigbangkorean wordpress here. I organized the Singpore meet held in June. 😀

Now i made a wordpress for easier uses and BECAUSE….

We made a wordpress JUST for you, Singaporeans! It’s gonna be full of updates about meets we have, bigbang (yes yes!) and stuff. 😀

So look out!